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Banner created for the Ridge by: Lochness_7620

Welcome To Taminy Anitaverse RPG that is based in the Appalachian Mountain Region! The following is a little bit about the town, to pique your interest, and at the bottom of the page is the link to enter this site and check out more of the people, places to go and other things involving the Ridge:)

Taminy Ridge is a town of about 8,500 people, tucked back in almost virtual isolation in the Appalachian Mountains. In fact this town was so isolated, that it didn't even have cars and indoor plumbing until about 50 years ago. However, one thing the citizens of the town are good at is adaptation...and they adapted well. Taminy Ridge is now firmly in the 21st century!

The Master of the City and the surrounding territory of the Ridge is Belladonna, her 'human' servant, is Lukas who is in actuality a high court sidhe. Take a trip inside this site and look at the characters, and rules and different places in town to give yourself a feel for the area:)

If you have any questions: feel free to contact me at:
Thank you and welcome aboard the Ridge!